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This Veteran…Thanks You!

This Veteran…Thanks You!
By Bob Beskar

I wrote this poem, to thank you for?
Each day we have, much like before.

You’re on our minds both day and night?
And we support you in this fight!

Your sacrifices aren’t in vain ?
And many of us know your pain!

Because of you, our freedom’s strong?
But there are some who get it wrong!

They think because it’s here today?
It’s always going to be that way!

But you can see the jest of that?
And know just why we’re in Iraq!

Have we forgotten our big threat?
Have we not learned our lesson yet?

Terror is what drives this war?
And must be stopped at its front door!

“911” showed us that?
Have we ignored that brutal fact?

Make no mistake, I stand with you?
Until we see this mission through!

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