Thought I Was Nuts

Thought I Was Nuts

Sgt Grit,

I served from 96 to 00 I was with MCSFCO Naples and then 3/6 Marines weapons then H/S after a injury.

I joined the Marines after spending 9 years as a police Officer, I worked with officers that were in the Marines and always respected them. From the start, the recruiter, my DI, my instructors and NCO’s.

All thought I was nuts to be 28 years old and a police officer to join the Marines. I sold my house, left my retirement plan behind and left both my girlfriends but I knew what I needed to do. I never once looked back. I was treated with respect by most (except my DI that got a speeding ticket and came in the next day and made me pay in sweat for the ticket). I was always proud of my service. When re-enlistment time came up I explained to my Co that I wanted to return to law enforcement and I did my 4 years with honor (actually I extended for 6 months to go on deployment). My last 6 months I was the Company Co’s driver (I never had a humvee license) a Gunny gave me my card as he knew my background.

I married my wife while in the Marines and she is still active duty navy. I was offered 3 law enforcement positions right away, everyone said the same thing “we love hiring Marines with their training”, and how Marines never drop out of the academy. I explained to each one, after the Marines the truth is you cant give us anymore crap than we already had so nothing you do or say can bother me. I made a decision not to rejoin the police department due to swing shifts, working every holiday and weekend and court days. I became a private investigator. My instructor was a retired Marine, a class mate was in the Marines, and we became best friends, we also took highest shooting scores, he and I have been together 5 years as partners now, I was hired first and got him his job, we each make over $40,000 a year and have good lives, we both own nice cars, nice houses and I would take a bullet for him, we locate people on the run, and we don’t fail….Failure is not a option. When we set our sights on someone we always get our man. When we sit for hours doing surveillances we talk about marine stories. When we need any assistance we seem always to run into police officers, deputies or someone who served in the Marines. I will always be grateful for what the Marine Corps did for me. They don’t owe anyone anything you need to earn it. Also let me say when I first went for my interview for private investigator, I was told “if you served in the Marines.

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