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Eddie (22) and Davin (19) in his Marine Dress Blues Eddie and Davin in his Navy Dress Blues Hey Sgt. Grit,
Thanks for your welcome newsletters. We are happy customers of your outstanding merchandise. Our youngest son,Lcpl Davin, is a grunt with 1st Marine Div 1/1, and now on a MEU overseas. We are all very proud of his being a part of our fine USMC. He is the first Marine in our “Navy” family. My dad became a CPO aboard USS Forster, DE-334 during WWII. They saw action in the Mediterranean with the Luftwaffe. Also, my mom’s cousin was a Naval Aviator. and retired as a CDR. So, I was destined for the Navy. I grew up with “sea stories”, going aboard many ships during Fleet Week in San Francisco Bay and watching Navy Log, and Victory at Sea as a youngster on TV! Well, I enlisted in the Navy out of high school 1966. I was on various destroyers, and shore duty in Wash. D.C. Naval Station, at BuPers, (Naval Annex) in 1967-68, as a YN3 in the Aviation Detailers dept. Got a call from a surface officer trying to find out how to get his orders changed….. He was to report to the USS Pueblo !! (it had just been captured by N. Korea) When the two Lt.s nearby my desk asked who had called…. I told them and they both said, that was one lucky officer! Here are 2 photos of our sons, Eddie age 22 and Lcpl Davin age 19, taken last year when D returned from deployment in Al Anbar, Iraq. The other photo was taken 1989 with Davin in his “Navy” dress blues ! He’s traded them in on Marine Dress Blues now!

Steve Lehto, YN2 ’66-’72

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