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Untitled: For My Marine

TITLE: Untitled: For My Marine

THE STORY: My best friend is a LCPL in the USMC. He means the world to me, probably more than he will ever know. And one day he called me and told me that he found out that he’d be going overseas, probably around the beginning of next year. We talked for a while and then he had to get back to work. And I was left to decipher my thoughts, which were going about a mile a minute! I was sitting in a restaurant and I didn’t have any paper. So I grabbed an extra napkin and the sharpie marker out of my purse. And I sat there and wrote this poem for him. I didn’t really give it a title, so I just called it “Untitled: For My Marine”… And I was hoping I could post it on your site. Please let me know either way!

NAME: Melany Martinez

UNIT: I’m civilian. I wrote this for a Marine

DATE OF STORY: I wrote the poem July 1st, 2007

Untitled: For My Marine
by Melany Martinez, 2007

I found out something new today,
You’re going off to war.
I’ll worry about you all the time,
But I’ll miss you even more.

I’m starting already to save up money
To ships you lots of things.
I know how much it means to you
And how much joy it brings.

The time that you’re kept over there
Will seem like way too long.
But I’ll keep my head up and carry on
And I’ll try to be that strong.

Strong enough to know it’s fine
To cry sometimes at night.
To dream of you right there beside me;
To hold your pillow tight.

And then the day will finally come,
The countdown will be done.
You’ll be on your way back home,
And this mini battle will be won.

I know that there will be a difference,
And dealing with it may be tough.
But know that whatever you’re able tell me
Will always be enough.

There’ll be some things you must keep quiet
Some things you just want to hide.
But remember I’m always here for you
And I’ll always be by your side.

So get your stuff together
And promise me just two things.
“Do your best to stay out of trouble?
And come back safe to me.”

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