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USMC Birthday At A Retirement Home

Lakeline Oaks Retirement Community
Cedar Park, Texas
November 10, 2015

Sometime in October, Lakeline Oaks Retirement Community residents Jim Taylor and Tom Sewell were reminiscing about past Marine Corps celebrations commemorating the birthday of our Corps.

The Lakeline Oaks facility is located in Cedar Park, a small community north of Austin, Texas. As the only Marines within the community of 200 or so residents, both had fond memories of the past Marine birthday festivities and sadly had not participated in years. Jim was hoping to surprise his 91 year old Iwo Marine friend with a function they would both be proud of.

As a former Marine Security Guard, Jim was also a member of the Marine Embassy Guard Association and sought help there from Stu Grant and fellow Texan, Joe Mitchell to help produce "their own private ball". Joe then set into motion a project which culminated in a "Birthday Ball" style dinner hosted by the Lakeline Oaks Dining Staff.

Jack McGarry crafted an invitation, and guests were presented formal copies of the Commandant's birthday message, General LeJeune's birthday message and the Marines' Hymn.

To enhance the ceremony, Denny Krause recruited a MEGA key donor, "Sgt. Grit" who gladly provided materials to dress up the occasion.

On November 10th, 2015, Sgt. Jim Taylor and his guests (Ms. Carolyn Taylor & Ms. Jan Carter) along with Cpl. Tom Sewell and his guests (Mr. Scott Sewell, and Ms. Linda Sewell) joined thousands of other Marines around the world in honoring all who have served and serve in the United States Marine Corps.

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