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USMC Demolition Derby Car

USMC Demolition Derby Car

Sgt. Grit, attached are pictures of my sister, Rhonda’s, demolition derby car for the Medina County, Ohio 2004 Demo Derby. This was her first year, so she was “self-sponsored.” She created the stencils, we painted and decorated the car. Our inspiration? Our No. 1 favorite jarhead – Dad. Dad is a retired Master Sergeant – Vietnam Veteran. We are truly “Marine Corp brats” through and through.

Not only did the car receive favorable comments – in the stands we all sat in our Marine Corp logo attire, accessorized with our air horns and megaphone.

While we were highly disappointed that her car was not chosen to be voted on by the crowd as a favorite (the “judges” chose, among others, this namby-pamby rainbow/clouds thing with butterflies, luckily it did NOT win) – it did win over the hearts of the Marine Corps League members that were there handling color guard. Guess who now has a sponsor for next year’s derby? Only one stipulation – she decorate her car in the same “Devil Dog” theme. GLADLY!!!!

I am hoping the pics could make it on your website. We borrowed a few sayings from the stickers that are offered in your cataloge, and had help with the Dad’s rank “patches” on the trunk. Thanks!!!

Hope you and your readers enjoy the pics!!!
Oooooooorah!! Semper Fi!

Lisa A. Kesek

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