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War Souvenirs

War Souvenirs

We all save some remnants of our service whether War Souvenir's or pictures of Past Duty we are Proud of. Because I served for 27 years I have lots of Remnants (souvenirs) and have been trying to put it all together on one wall in our home office.

Here is part of the display and I like it as it talks to me from time to time about the past and days of good and bad, showing me… ME… because that's who I was back then. I thought and looked for a long time before I decided on this, it's plain and simple with lots of information, like my PX card from "Nam, my Marine Photographer Card from Recruiting Duty and Korea, My Certificate of Honorable Service from WWII, my Bunk Listing from the ship I returned Home on after Korea.

I said it talks to me and I wonder where the time went and Sooo FAST! The gong hung from Alfa Company Office at 1st Recon in Vietnam, while I didn't serve in "A" Company I thought it a great Worth to Live By. I had the Gong made in Taipei on a visit there year or so later. The gong used in Vietnam was captured from a Viet Cong Unit.

GySgt. F. L. Rousseau, USMC Retired 

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