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What is a Mustang?

What is a Mustang?

The Marine Corps Mustang Association, Inc. was founded by Captain Robert E. Richter on November 10, 1985 in Philadelphia, PA. The Marine Corps Mustang Association, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Association is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt Veterans organization under Section 501© 19.

A Mustang is a Marine, after serving on active duty in the enlisted ranks of the United States Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserves, has risen to the officer ranks, and further served as a commissioned or warrant officer on either active duty or reserve status.

The title of a Marine of this status is and shall evermore be…MUSTANG!


The Marine Corps Mustang Association serves as the primary advocate promoting the initiatives and values inherent within Marine Officers, possessing prior Marine Corps enlisted experience.


The Marine Corps Mustang Association’s vision will be achieved through

  • Mustang Outreach
  • Social and Professional Network
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Transition Social Interaction

The principal purpose of the Marine Corps Mustang Association, Inc. is to advocate and provide career-enhancing support for Marine officers and Associate Members from other military services who have enlisted Marine experiences.

To learn more about this auspicious organization and join us visit, or contact:
Ernest E. Johnson, President James Casey, Business Manager
(804) 241-2439 (703) 349-0873

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Robert Bratten - February 3, 2023

Good post !

Tom Young, GySgt/Captain - October 13, 2022

I too, am a proud member of the Marine Corps Mustang Association. Nine years enlisted, eleven years officer. Great group of folks!

Karen Balske - May 11, 2020

I knew my late Marine, Capt. Ron Balske was a Mustang, and yes, he was in Vietnam (and Korea). I enjoyed reading the article about Mustangs. Thank you!

Sgt David Kennedy - May 11, 2020

Met several Mustangs 69-72. Processed a Major Cleveland into Iwakuni saw him few weeks later with Gunny stripes. Told me he had been reverted, Got to know him great Marine.

Robert Dickerson - May 11, 2020

I never met a mustang that was anything but out-freaking-standing at everything they did. A credit to the Corps, every single one of them, in my opinion. Cpl. Dickerson, 1969 – 1971

Gerald T. Pothier, Master Gunnery Sergeant/Captain - May 11, 2020

I am proud to say, and to be, a Charter Member of the Marine Corps Mustang Association having joined on 10 November 1985.

Barry Brumfield - May 11, 2020

I served with a 2nd Lieutenant in Vietnam, Lt. Pierce. He was the XO of our company, Hotel 2/9, and he was a Mustang. I would have to classify him as a Marine’s Marine, he took care of business, and would set you straight if you started off on the wrong foot! Before going to Vietnam,I served at 29 Palms, CA with another Mustang. 2nd Lieutenant Donna Reynolds, a former GySgt, who was quite like Lt Pierce. Taking care of business and the troops. The only other Mustang I remember serving with was a 2nd Lieutenant who was the Adjutant of the newly formed H&S Battalion at the Stumps. The only thing I can remember of him was that he seemed quite afraid of the battalion’s new CO, Colonel Watson. Just returned from Vietnam, his reputation arrived before him! His nickname was “The Bear”, he wasn’t big, he was huge, he wore a Volkswagen to work every morning! I came to find out if you knew your duties and responsibilities, you had nothing to fear, other wise, stand by!

Gary Nash - May 11, 2020

Had it not been for the Mustangs, the Marine Corps could have never filled all the officer slots required for Vietnam. There were many Mustangs in the 60’s and 70’s who retired as LtCols–and well-deserving of that rank and prestige!

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