It’s interesting to read the stories about how different wanna- be’s suggest or pretend to desire the name Marine. When I was a young 2nd Lt in flight training in Pensacola in the 70’s, I still remember several Navy Ensigns (even one or two Annapolis Grads) quietly murmuring how they wish they were Marines. It was evident to them that with only a few months of military service under our belts and not much experience at anything, Marines are something different and special.

Bob Foley
USMC 1974-1981

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  • Cpl Paul J McCarty Jr

    I’ve got two ex-wives that will testify to that!Cpl Paul McCarty K3/7 Vietnam 1967.two purple hearts

  • Jim Kanavy, Cpl, 0311/0231

    I might add that in addition to being “different and special”, we are NOT easy to live with.

  • Donald Key [68-72]

    I was attending the Auburn, Wa Veterans Parade and I have never shaking so many hands in my life, I was on the curb watching the parade go by and i would have people step out of the parade just to shake my hand then go back to what they was doing. I came home all stroke up from being there. Semper Fi Marines

  • Dave Kennedy

    It’s always great to have someone thank you for your service or chat with Marine who was in. But if I had a dime for every person that comes up to me and says I wanted to be a Marine, I d be rich.

  • Sgt T. K. Shimono

    Yes, I get looks and am asked questions by young kids and teenagers about the Marine Corps, because I wear the logo of the Marine Corps Globe and Anchor and USMC on all of my different types of shirts. Other former Marines that I met in the course of my company business, will stop and chat about our time in the Corps. When I was in Cheyenne, WY, my son and I were leaving the diner when a lady came running up to me at the cashier and said loudly, ‘”thank you for serving our country”. I told her “Thank you” but remember, there are thousands of us that served and are serving. She shook my hand and had tears in her eyes. Remember Marines, “We are a very proud member of a highly dedicated military branch” and people know it!!. Semper Fi to all Marines, past, present and into the future. Sgt Ted K. Shimono 1959-1968.

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