1st Radio Battalion Vietnam Reunion

1st Radio Battalion Vietnam Reunion

At one time, these ‘young’ Marines were all members of 1st Radio Battalion, most served in either Kaneohe Bay or Vietnam or both.

We just finished our 2016 1st Radio Battalion Reunion in San Diego, and a great time was had by all. Of course, we visited MCRD San Diego.

We will be having our 2017 Reunion on the East Coast and another Radio Battalion Cruise is in ‘the works’.

More Marines of 1st Radio Bn Vietnam

Semper Fi, Don.

R. J. Zike
Former SSgt of Marines

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  • jerry powers

    was in hosipial bed. i was almost gone. a friend came to see me. he told me to get up and walk around. i had a bag tied to my foot. there was a hole in the heel of my foot. looked like water in the bag. cannot know where i was at. cant remember where i was going.was a lot of memories that were in my head. was lying on a quireey. was a man close to me . he was on a quirnty. was trying to get lose. said he was going to kill me. he was trying his best to get lose. could see small gray buses out at a distance. was laying down on the ground. looking down in a hollow. could see a small hole. looked like people were going down the hole.we got up off the ground, could remember that my clothes seemed to be rotten. seemed like i had gotten on a real large jet airplane. was getting on the tail of the jet. passed out or something. cant remember getting off. ithought i was a pow at one time. was in a lot of hosiptals or though they were. can also remember going in sometime in march 1973. stayed till june 20 1973. whent in jan. 6 or 7, 1972. general said i was phyically damaged under honable connidentions. thank you marines for getting me home.

  • Marion F Wright

    I was with K company Third Battalion Third Marines in 1964. The first platoon, reinforced was selected to serve as security for First Radio when we relieved another Third Battalion platoon in July 1964 at Danang compound. We were under the command of Captain Alfred M Gray (later became Commandant of Marine Corps). First Radio and First Platoon were designated ” Advisory Team One” which became the first Marine unit to conduct independent operations in the Republic of Viet Nam.

  • Randy Snowman

    I was in 1st Radio Bn from 1975 to 24 April 1979, 1st Sgt Company A and H&S Company. CO in Company A was Maj Mike Moss. Any Marines from that time frame would be great to hear from. E.R.Snowman 1stSgt U.S.M.C. Retired.

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