Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey, SgtGRIT readers and contributors! I need some help. You and SgtGRIT helped me out before with my first book. Now I’m looking for more funny, true boot camp stories that you either experienced yourself or witnessed. I would love to hear from some Women Marines as well this time. Also, I’m sure there are some ex-Drill Instructors among you that could share some pretty funny stories. If you’re willing to contribute stories (yes, more than one can be used) please include your date of enlistment, duty station (PI or SD) and your bootcamp picture if available.

Semper Fi
Jim Barber
March 6, 1958

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  • Ed Noll

    Recruit Training Depot Paris Island 1956 Platoon 63 Third Battalion. While on evening break and receiving a package from home, left the wrapper in the fire sand bucket next to my bunk. DI came in, saw what I did and stood me at attention while he poured the sand all over me and placed the bucket on my head. He then used his swagger stick and started hitting the bucket while still over my head and said in a commanding tone, I now christen you Sir Galahad for which I was left with during the remainder of my training along with some minor ear ringing.

  • Jim S.

    It was around October-November, 1966 at 2nd Btln, PI and we had this recruit from Maine. Picture a Pillsbury doughboy white, average height, pudgy (like the doughboy), timid type of person (bordering on the shxt-bird end of the order) and the Drill Instructors decided to ‘work’ him some to toughen him up. So they started running him between the three of them (2 DIs on the second deck in an office and the other in the squadbay and one on the first deck in the ladder well); reporting to each and then getting chewed out and sent back to one of the others to report. This went on and on for quite a while, up the ladder wells, report, get chewed out and sent to another down the ladder well; until he was fully frustrated and about to collapse. At which point, the DI, calling him by name, yells “xxxxxx, when you leave here you’re either going to be a man or crazy, which is it going to be?” Here’s this recruit about to drop, falling apart mentally and somewhat physically, standing at attention and shouting in this high pitched, squeeky Maine accent “Ca-raazzyy, Sir”. Then the DIs lost it and went ballistic. He did graduate and after our graduation ceremony, here’s this same guy going all around the area, finding recruits and hard-assing them because he now had his EGA. Like ‘getting even’.

  • robert tinsley

    MCRD 1968 one of my platoon mates when asked by drill instructor if every body got all their uniforms popped up saying the private did not get his dress slippers sir. rest of time in boot camp he was referred to as private Cinderella by all the di’s

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