My Favorite Hat

My Favorite Hat

By: Brian Chambers

So I bought this hat when It was first released, and it quickly became the only hat I will wear. Even in the dead of Illinois winters I had this baby on. My wife gives me a hard time about wearing it all the time but it doesn’t stop me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and they ask me where I got it so I give them the info. I think it might be time for a new one, at least one that looks good to wear to church. ?

Brian Chambers

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  • Cpl. Rayborn HQ BTRY 2nd Field Artillery Group 2nd Mar Div

    Get a Sunday go to church hat and wear the other because you earned it Marine! BTW, I have that same hat. I also have a OD green cover for my grape when I camp or go to the shooting range.

  • Jim Connor Platoon 74

    Once a Marine is done with boot camp he is no longer a maggot and should be addressed with respect by fellow Marines. Don’t get so technical with Cover vs hat. A hat is a hat the world round. Nix picked.

  • Jim wolter

    HAT?? What is s hat maggot It is a damn cover numb nuts!!! LOL.

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