By: S/Sgt Wally Booher Vietnam 2/70-3/71, 4/72-4/73 1st Angelico, 1st MARSOC

I had a similar experience in Vietnam, I was nominated for the Navy Cross but because I was not attached to a marine unit it was downgraded to the Silver Star, reason my actions were not heroic enough for the Cross I was awarded the Silver Star. Medals are not given they’re earned and then awarded. We serve our country and hope that we serve with honor and valor and when we do the hope is that we are observed doing it and are recognized for the execution of that action. OOHRAH MARINE!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

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  • Kapena

    Hey Ssgt.Bonehead, as you can see Marines are still standing guard protecting our heritage. Our general orders never change. Forever vigilant. Imitators exit stage left!

  • MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

    Thanks, Harry. I’m still here, just not as vocal sometimes. I often say, “They’ve been trying to kill me for 74 years and haven’t succeeded yet. But, Damn, they get closer every day!” Keep working on that Ham & Mothers recipe. Semper Fi, Brother!!!

  • Nick

    OK.. Booher , Which is it…? Because you were not attached to a Marine unit, or your actions were not “Heroic” enough? Two different stories! Makes it really hard to believe you! Stolen Valor!!

  • Paul

    He will probably claim that his records were destroyed in “the fire” Ha Ha. Paul

  • Harry 1371

    Hey Nerd, I think a Form 180 might be in order, What do you think?

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